US Whiskey

The US covers a huge geographic area with many different climates and types of ground. The population has roots in countries and cultures from around the world. This variety of climate, terroir, and tradition is reflected in the culture of spirits as well. There are many different kinds of Whiskey in the US, reflecting the different climates and traditions.

The US also has a long tradition of distilling. At the same time, however, there were moments in US history that forced producers to stop, or to go underground. Prohibition was a devastating moment for the culture and tradition of distilling.

For a long time after Prohibition, most production was in the hands of large producers with the money and marketing expertise to flood the markets with their products. This all began to change starting about 15 years ago, with the rise of the Craft Spirits movement in the US. Now there are more than 2000 independent distillers in the country. This incredible Rennaissance of distilling is bringing it fruits to the world as there are so many wonderful spirits being produced.

US Craft Whiskey is made with Rye, with Corn, with all kinds of different Wheat, sometimes peated, sometimes not, sometimes smoky, sometimes not. Aging can be very long; it can be extremely short. There are so many different kinds of barrels to choose from. In summary, there is a huge variety in US Craft Whiskey. Young distillers try unusual experiments and sometimes come up with astounding results.

Our mission is to introduce European whisky-lovers to quality US Craft Whiskey. We source our bottles directly from the producers. We have products on this site and in our bar in Berlin that nobody in Europe has. We meet all our distillers and get some of their most special products. We avoid products that are produced in large quantity or that are available already. We look for the good stuff that is hard to find and is worth the effort. So all you need to do is visit our shop or our bar to discover the wonderful world of US Craft Whiskey.