Try before you buy!

Set of 4cl bottles
4cl bottle

We know that for many Whisky lovers, American Whiskey is not familiar. In order to encourage you to become familiar with the wonderful world of American craft whiskey, you can try just a sample of any of our products. Whatever you spend on the sample, will be credited to your purchase of a full bottle. Basically the sample is yours for no charge if you decide to buy the bottle.

set of 2cl bottles

This works whether you buy the sample here in the online shop, or in our Bar on the Veteranen Str. in Berlin-Mitte. If you come to the bar and order a whiskey that we have for sale in the shop, what you spent on the tasting of that whiskey will be credited against the price of the bottle. This credit lasts for up to a year. So if you have gifts for friends to think of, well just come taste various whiskey’s and select the bottles you would like to buy. Your tastings are free if you buy the bottles!

set of 4cl bottles

When you make your order for 2cl or 4cl samples, we will prepare a coupon for each sample. The coupon will have the value of what you paid for the sample. Then later, if you decide to buy a bottle, you can use the coupon on checkout, or at the bar, against the purchase price of the bottle. In this way, your sample was free ! A great way to try before your buy.

set of 2cl bottles