Hilltop Whiskey

Hill Top Distillery
Virginia, USA

SKU 2067

ABV: 40%

Short finish


Color: hell-goldenes Heu light golden hay

Clarity: klar clear

Viscosity: mittel medium


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Hill Top is a tiny distillery up the James River between Richmond and Charlottesville in the heart of the Virginia countryside. We chose this simple yet delicious whiskey from their small offering. The nose is perfumed, like a sheet shop or the kind of store where you could get pulled toffee when you were a child. There are notes of the countryside: farmyard aromas, cut barley, cut grass. On the palate, wax, boiled corn, a hint of paint. The short finish has a kind of yeasty taste – the only moment when you get that. You can imagine drinking this while sitting on a porch on a farm in Virginia. Probably in a rocking chair !

  • nose

    • Parfümperfume
    • aldehydischaldehydic
    • geschnittene Gerstecut barley
    • gemähtes Grascut grass
    • Bauernhoffarmyard
    • Süßwarenladensweet shop
    • gezogener Taffey-Ladenpulled taffey shop


    • gekochter Maisboiled corn
    • frischer Anstrichfresh paint
    • gewachster Regenmantelwaxed raincoat


    • hefigyeasty

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