Straight Spelt Whiskey Bottled in Bond

Stone Barn Brandyworks Oregon, USA

SKU 2028

Age: 4 years

ABV: 50%

Aged in New American Oaky Casks

Short-Medium finish


Color: Amber amber

Clarity: klar clear

Viscosity: dünn-mittel thin-medium


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This is Portland, Oregon‘s first Bottled-in-Bond whiskey, and perhaps the world‘s first B-i-B Spelt whiskey. To be designated Bottled-in-Bond there are a number of requirements. Most important is that the whiskey is the product of a single distillery (meaning made by Stone Barn, not sourced), aged at least 4 years, and bottled at 100 proof. It was distilled in 2015 with 100% spelt from Washington State. Aged 52 months in a #4 charred oak barrel. This is a very rare whiskey only available at the Stone Barn tasting room, and here in the This is a wonderful whiskey, and for spelt-lovers, a must-try.

  • nose

    • Kokosnusscoconut
    • Karamellcaramel
    • Vanillevanilla


    • Brombeereblackberry
    • Zimtcinnamon
    • schwarzer Pfefferblack pepper
    • ingwerkekseginger snap


    • Geleebonbonjelly bean
    • Portport
    • weinähnlichwiney
  • Ingredients

    • DinkelSpelt

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