Single Malt Oregon Highlander

Pioneer Distillery Oregon, USA

SKU 2023

ABV: 44%

Medium-Long finish


Color: rot-amber red-amber

Clarity: klar clear

Viscosity: dünn thin


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Pioneer has set its goal to produce Whisky like they do in Scotland – while in Oregon ! „Distilling Whisky the old-fashioned way“. Every batch is distilled twice, first in a steam-fired pot still, then in a custom built column still. They mill, mash, ferment, distill and barrel everything in Talent, Oregon, a small city in the middle of the state. This whisky is fruity and perfumed on the nose, with rich and varied wood tones on the palate, and with a creamy and buttery medium-long finish. It is made from three barleys: Great Western 2-row, Munich, and Crystal 40 malt. Scottish highland whisky has a huge variety of flavours and characters. Pioneer has produced a creamy, gentle „highland„ whisky, easy to sip and full of delights.


  • American Distillers Institute Bronze 2019
  • nose

    • Trockenpflaumeprune
    • Apfel Crumbleapple crumble
    • Parfümperfume


    • Malzmalt
    • Butterbonbonbutterscotch
    • Waldbodenforest floor
    • Altholzold wood
    • Zigarrenkistecigar box


    • Pfannkuchenpancake
    • Buttercremebutter cream
    • geschmolzene Buttermelted butter
  • Ingredients

    • gemälzte GersteMalted Barley

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