Rabble Rouser Rye Whiskey Bottled in Bond

Catoctin Creek
Virginia, USA

SKU 1874

Age: 4 years

ABV: 50%

Aged in New American Oaky Casks

Long finish


Color: Amber amber

Clarity: klar clear

Viscosity: dick thick


SKU: 1874 Category:

Rabble Rouser is one of America‘s greatest Rye Whiskeys. Rabble Rouser differs from its cousin, Roundstone Rye, in that it is distilled at a lower proof, allowing lots of earthy goodness from the grain to come through in the spirit. It pours a deep amber and has an incredibly enticing nose full of popcorn, biscuit and gravy and candy floss. There’s nothing but rye in the bottle, so you’ve got plenty of spice to contend with, with notes of pepper and stone fruits like raison, apricot and plum on the palate. A luscious long finish adding creamy milk chocolate to the rye-pepper. We have gotten a direct shipment of this incredible whiskey from Catoctin Creek, so it will not last long. In the states, you need to win the lottery to get some. Here‘s your chance !

  • nose

    • Biskuitbiscuit
    • Zuckerwattecandy floss
    • Popcornpopcorn
    • Bratensoßegravy


    • Aprikoseapricot
    • Pflaumeplum
    • Rosineraisin
    • schwarzer Pfefferblack pepper
    • kandierte Zitronenschalecandied lemon peel


    • Milchschokolademilk chocolate
    • schwarzer Pfefferblack pepper
  • Ingredients

    • RoggenRye

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