Pinot Noir Grappa

Stone Barn Brandyworks Oregon, USA

SKU 2026

Age: 1,5 years

ABV: 42%

Aged in Ex Brandy Oak Casks

Short finish


Color: helles strohgelb light straw

Clarity: klar clear

Viscosity: dünn-mittel thin-medium


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This is an exceptionally smooth and definitely Pinot Noir grappa. Aged 18 months in American oak barrels that once held brandy. This flavorful and woody grappa highlights flowers and tropical fruit, nuts and cedar and sandalwood. It is unusual to find such a fine grappa outside of Italy. It reminds us of some of the wonderful Piemonte grappa we have in the

  • nose

    • tropische Früchtetropical fruit
    • Trockenblumendried flowers
    • Zedernholzcedar wood


    • Mandarinmandarin
    • Zedernholzcedar wood
    • Sandelholzsandalwood


    • Kolacola
    • Walnusswalnut
  • Ingredients

    • Tresterpomace

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