Mezcal Tonic M&T

Zacbé, Jack Rudy
USA, Mexico

SKU 8356


The M & T is one of the Beavis Bar’s most popular drinks. This super-smokey Mezcal is tamed by a bit of bubbly water and some tonic. It is a great way for people to taste Mezcal for the first time, without being overpowered. Three kinds of agave are used to make this Mezcal: Espadin, Tobalá, and Cirial. Coming through the smoke are figs and herbs. We love it. Serve on ice; add the mezcal first, add only a bit of the tonic syrup, add the water. Taste it first, and add tonic only if you want more tonic flavour. Each person is unique !

4cl mezcal, 2cl tonic syrup, 27,5cl Preussen Quelle Bubbly Water

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