Oregon Wheat Whiskey

Branch Point Distillery Oregon, USA

SKU 1999

Age: 2,5 years

ABV: 46%

Aged in New American Oaky Casks

Medium finish


Color: rot-amber red-amber

Clarity: klar clear

Viscosity: mittel medium


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Steven Day, the distiller at Branch Point,  is a neurologist. A scientist. Perhaps knowing that as we tasted his creations, affected us. We find his whiskey complex, almost intellectual, intriguing, and worthy of moments of meditation and thought. Giving this wheat whiskey time in the glass, reveals an amazing complexity. We even found medicinal notes, along with nuts, flowers, and fruits. Branch Point Oregon Wheat is made from an original mash bill of locally grown soft white wheat along with crystal malt and distillers’ malt, which is double pot distilled, then matured in new charred American oak casks.

  • nose

    • Holunderblütenelderflower
    • Marzipanmarzipan
    • geröstete Erdnussroasted peanut
    • feuchte Wolledamp wool
    • Antiseptikumantiseptic
    • Kerzenwachscandlewax
    • Franzbranntweinsurgical spirit


    • Mandelalmond
    • Haselnusshazelnut
    • Macadamianussmacadamia nut
    • geräuchertes Apfelholzsmoked apple wood


    • Apfelweinapple cider
    • Tio PepeTio Pepe
    • essigsaueracetic – vinegar
  • Ingredients

    • WeizenWheat
    • Crystal (karamelisiertes Malz)Crystal (Caramelised Malt)

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