Oregon Single Malt Pinot Noir Finish Whiskey

Bull Run Distillers
Oregon, USA

SKU 2011

ABV: 52,55%

Aged in New American Oaky Casks, Red Wine Casks

Medium-Long finish


Color: Amber amber

Clarity: klar clear

Viscosity: dünn-mittel thin-medium


SKU: 2011 Category:

Yeasty, meaty! A unique rich full body, like a savory southern roasted ham, with nuts and gravy and goose fat dribbled on the potatoes ! A full meal, and then on the finish, a delicate plummy fruity taste – the Pinot Noir medium-long finish. All kinds of other hints of sweetness but not creamy sweet: and kind of pungent tones at the start. There is a complexity that comes from the combination of creamy meaty wholesome flavors and pungent tones like varnish and bubble gum. This complex and very special single malt is sold in small bottles – it is made in very small quantities and is to be savored.

  • nose

    • Schinkenham
    • hefigyeasty
    • umami - schmackhaftumami – savory
    • Bubblegumbubble gum
    • Lackvarnish


    • geröstete Nüsseroasted nuts
    • Bratensoßegravy
    • Bratenfleischroast meat
    • Gänsefettgoose fat


    • pflaumigplummy
    • Kalbsbucheinbandcalf book binding
  • Ingredients

    • gemälzte GersteMalted Barley

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