Mud Puddle Bitter Chocolate Vodka

New Deal Distillers Oregon, USA

SKU 2014

ABV: 40%

Medium finish


Color: Amber amber

Clarity: klar clear

Viscosity: dünn thin


SKU: 2014 Category:

Rich and decadent bitter chocolate vodka infused with organic, fair-trade cacao nibs custom-roasted in small batches. Deeply flavored, unsweetened spirit with the irresistible essence of dark chocolate. Pure chocolate flavor without a trace of cloying sweetness. This vodka won a gold medal at the Beverage Tasting Institute competition in 2013 and is a must-have for chocolate-lovers. Purity.


  • Beverage Tasting Institute Gold 2013
  • nose

    • Schokoladechocolate
    • Schokoladenfondant Kuchenfudge brownie
    • Vanilleschotevanilla bean
    • Kakaococoa


    • Schokoladechocolate
    • Fondantfudge
    • Schokoladenfondant Kuchenfudge brownie
    • Kakaococoa
    • Espressoespresso
    • gerösteter Kaffeeroasted coffee


    • dunkle Schokoladedark chocolate
    • Kakaococoa
  • Ingredients

    • WeizenWheat
    • KakaoCocoa

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