Mt Defiance Blue Agave Spirit

Mt. Defiance
Virginia, USA

SKU 2055

ABV: 40%

Short finish


Color: klar clear

Clarity: klar clear

Viscosity: dick thick


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Mostly we have whiskey from craft distillers in the US. But every now and then these really creative people apply their distilling skills to completely different spirits. The people at Mt. Defiance are perfect examples of this creativity. The have produced a series of Agave spirits and we brought one over here for you to enjoy. Mt. Defiance Blue Agave Spirit is made from 100% Blue Weber agave plants. The agaves are grown in Mexico, on independent, often family owned fields. The agaves are processed immediately after harvest to create agave nectar that is then delivered to the distillery in Middleburg, Virginia. Fermented in small batches, then twice distilled in their copper pot still. The result is approachable yest complex, perfect for sipping well chilled or mixed. Truly well distilled, gentle nose with a range of flavors including Parmesan cheese and new wood; the palate surprises with licorice, cherry and gooseberry, and the Parmesan becomes sourdough starter. It finishes with stewed fruit. All from a single plant! Extraordinary.

  • nose

    • Neues Holznew wood
    • weißer körniger Zuckerwhite granulated sugar
    • Merresluftsea air
    • Schwimmbadswimming pool
    • Parmesan-KäseParmesan cheese


    • Schwarze Kirscheblack cherry
    • Stachelbeeregooseberry
    • Lakritzelicorice
    • Sauerteig-Startersourdough starter


    • Obstkompottstewed fruit
  • Ingredients

    • AgaveAgave

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