Mt Defiance Absinthe Superieure

Mt. Defiance
Virginia, USA

SKU 2056

ABV: 70%

Medium finish


Color: grünes Stroh green straw

Clarity: klar clear

Viscosity: dick thick


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This is an amazing Absinthe. Despite its very high alcohol content (70%) we do not believe this needs any dilution at all. We have a number of Absinthes in the Beavis Bar, but this one from Mt. Definance is without doubt the best. A traditional, French-style verte absinthe that was created from a late 19th century French recipe. This absinthe is distilled using whole botanicals, naturally colored, and bottled at 140 proof. The creators at Mt . Defiance grow their own grand wormwood, roman wormwood, hyssop, and other botanicals, and import Andalusian green aniseed and French fennel doux. The care and attention they give to this spirit shows in the taste. Of course through the nose to the finish anise seed is the predominant aroma, but there is so much more. Lemongrass, ginger, a hint of sulfur on the nose; lemon-sherbet and Christmas-cake on the palate; and pepper and spice on the finish. This Absinth won a Silver Medal at the New York International Spirits competition, well deserved.


  • New York International Spirits Competition Silver 2015
  • nose

    • Anisaniseed
    • Zitronengraslemongrass
    • Ingwerginger
    • Streichholzschachtelmatchbox


    • Zitronen-Sherbetlemon-sherbet
    • Weihnachts-KuchenChristmas-cake
    • Anisaniseed
    • Lakritzelicorice


    • Lakritzelicorice
    • Gewürzspice
    • weißer Pfefferwhite pepper
  • Ingredients

    • WermutkrautWormwood Herb
    • AnisAnise
    • Bienenkrauthyssop
    • FenchelFennel

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