Moylan‘s American Single Malt Port Finish Cask Strength

Moylan’s Distilling
California, USA

SKU 2047

Age: 5 years

ABV: 55,9%

Aged in New American Oaky Casks, Port Casks

Medium finish


Color: rot-amber red-amber

Clarity: klar clear

Viscosity: dünn-mittel thin-medium


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To create this exceptional Whisky, Moylan’s Distilling Company first ferments 100% two-row barley, then releases the spirit in a Vendome Hybrid Copper Pot Still to handcraft a Whisky of uncompromising quality. First aged for 5 years in New, Charred White Oak Barrels, before finishing for 9 months in rich and succulent Port Barrels. The flavors embedded deeply into these Port Barrels marry with the single malt to achieve a rich combination of notes, including cognac and grappa, dried fruit like in mince-pie, and yeasty flavors like sourdough starter, finishing with pepper and chocolate and a touch of juniper.

  • nose

    • Mince Piemince-pie
    • Kognakcognac
    • Grappagrappa
    • hefigyeasty
    • Sauerteig-Startersourdough starter
    • altes Buchold book


    • gemähtes Grascut grass
    • schwarzer Pfefferblack pepper
    • Gischtsea spray


    • Wacholderjuniper
    • Milchschokolademilk chocolate
    • Pfefferpepper
  • Ingredients

    • gemälzte GersteMalted Barley

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