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New Yorkers are not shy. They tell you what they think and they say it to your face. This G&T is made with two real New Yorkers: Brooklyn Gin from the borough that is more in your face than the others; and TomR from Tom Richter, legendary New York bartender who made his own recipe for a very, very strong quinine tonic. Tom sent us our bottles directly. The gin is fresh, complex and aromatic. Taste notes are of Angelika, fruit, cacao, coriander, lavender, orange, juniper, lemon, and other citrus. As with all of our G&T: serve on ice; add the gin first, add only a bit of the tonic syrup, add the water. Taste it first, and add tonic only if you want more tonic flavour. Each person is unique !

4cl gin, 2cl tonic syrup, 27,5cl Preussen Quelle Bubbly Water


  • World Spirits Competition SF Double Gold 2016
  • NY World Wine&Spirits Competition Double Gold 2016
  • World Spirits Competition SF Gold 2015

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