Double Oaked Wheated Virginia Straight Bourbon

Ragged Branch
Virginia, USA

SKU 2061

Age: 4 years

ABV: 45%

Aged in New American Oaky Casks

Short finish


Color: dunkel-amber dark-amber

Clarity: klar clear

Viscosity: mittel medium


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This is a great Bourbon, that deserves its gold medal. The double oaking process smooths and enriches the woodiness, especially on the nose. To achieve its distinctive character, this Double Oaked Wheated Bourbon is aged to a proper straight bourbon, then transferred to a new charred oak barrel and aged again until the flavors are deep and smooth. This Bourbon is full of flavor. On the nose there is fruit, molasses, and corn, as well as yeasty notes, and of course wood. At to that a hint of popcorn and you can really savor this before you even taste it. The palate is full of peppers and ginger, along with the spicy notes of incense and cardomom. It finishes sweetly with sugared almond and hazelnut. We love this Bourbon and we are really happy to have met the incredible people at Ragged Branch.


  • World Spirits Competition SF Gold 2020
  • nose

    • Brombeereblackberry
    • holzigwoody
    • Maiscorn
    • Melassemolasses
    • Popcornpopcorn
    • hefigyeasty


    • grüne Paprikagreen pepper
    • Kardomomcardomom
    • Ingwerginger
    • Pfefferkornpeppercorn
    • Weihrauchincense


    • Haselnusshazelnut
    • kandierte Mandelsugared almond
  • Ingredients

    • WeizenWheat
    • MaisCorn

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