Double Oaked Signature Virginia Bourbon Bottled in Bond

Ragged Branch
Virginia, USA

SKU 2063

Age: 4 years

ABV: 50%

Aged in New American Oaky Casks

Short finish


Color: dunkel-amber dark-amber

Clarity: klar clear

Viscosity: dünn thin


SKU: 2063 Category:

Another winner from Ragged Branch ! This one got a gold at the World Spirits Competition in 2020. It is Bottled-in-Bond and Double-Oaked. This is absolutely one of their best. To achieve this distinctive character, their Double Oaked Signature Bourbon is aged to a proper straight bourbon, then transferred to a new charred oak barrel and aged again until the flavors are layered with complexity. The nose, and this without adding any drops of water, blossom with a range of flavors from cumin and mustard cress on the spicy side, to dark brown sugar for sweetness, to lemon for fruitiness, and finally the aromas of a library and an old calf-bound book. On the palate it is all creaminess; cake brownie, dark chocolate, fudge and even some coconut. The nuts continue into the finish with cashew and hazelnut. There is so much more here than sweetness of corn. Double-oaking really inspires the flavors to come out. The flavors are full and the whiskey is super smooth.


  • World Spirits Competition SF Gold 2020
  • nose

    • Zitronelemon
    • dunkelbrauner Zuckerdark brown sugar
    • Kreuzkümmelcumin
    • Senfkressemustard cress
    • Kalbsbucheinbandcalf book binding
    • Bibliotheklibrary


    • Kokosnusscoconut
    • Schokoladechocolate
    • dunkle Schokoladedark chocolate
    • Fondantfudge
    • Brownie Kuchencake brownie


    • Cashewcashew
    • Haselnusshazelnut
  • Ingredients

    • MaisCorn

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