Coffee Rum Liqueur

Oregon Spirit Distillers Oregon, USA

SKU 2018

ABV: 35%

Long finish


Color: dunkel-amber dark-amber

Clarity: undurchsichtig opaque

Viscosity: dick thick


SKU: 2018 Category:

This incredible spirit represents the best of spiced rum and coffee liqueur. Cask strength spiced rum with vanilla and orange notes, Soaked with coffee, roasted chicory, vanilla and baking spices. Agave nectar and brown sugar add sweetness. Cut to proof using riff cold brewed coffee. All kinds of flavours besides coffee – coffee is not even predominate ! We identified 17 different flavours when we tasted this, and we were totally astounded. It is simply spectacular.

  • nose

    • gebrühter Kaffeebrewed coffee
    • Nougatnougat
    • Zimtcinnamon
    • Nelkeclove
    • Lebkuchengingerbread
    • Muskatnussnutmeg
    • geröstetes Getreideroasted grain


    • Mandelalmond
    • Paranussbrazil nut
    • Karamellzuckerburnt sugar
    • Ahornsirupmaple syrup
    • Toffeetoffee
    • dunkelbrauner Zuckerdark brown sugar
    • Ingwerginger


    • Ingwerginger
    • Espressoespresso
    • geröstetes Malzroasted malt
  • Ingredients

    • Melassemolasses

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