Cask 37 Triticale Whiskey

Branch Point Distillery Oregon, USA

SKU 2002

ABV: 54,4%

Medium finish


Color: rot-amber red-amber

Clarity: klar clear

Viscosity: mittel medium


SKU: 2002 Category:

A long way from Scottish Whisky ! Triticale, a hybrid of Rye and Wheat, gives some peppery notes but not overwhelmingly. Branch Point whiskey is complex with many flavours, but without one predominating. Here there are spices like cloves and nutmeg competing with menthol and nutty almond flavour that you get in marzipan. Cask 37 is normally available only in the Branch Point tasting room. Relatively high alcohol and yet it is subdued.

  • nose

    • Mince Piemince-pie
    • hellbrauner Zuckerlight brown sugar
    • mentholmenthol


    • Nelkeclove
    • Muskatnussnutmeg
    • Pfefferkornpeppercorn


    • Rosineraisin
    • Marzipanmarzipan
  • Ingredients

    • TriticaleTriticale

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