Cask 26 Oregon Single Pot Still Whiskey

Branch Point Distillery Oregon, USA

SKU 2003

ABV: 46%


Color: Amber amber

Clarity: klar clear

Viscosity: dünn thin


SKU: 2003 Category:

This extraordinary whiskey is the single cask version of the Branch Point Single Pot Still Single Malt. The Single Cask whiskey’s are normally only available in the Branch Point tasting room. In the nose there is a very special feeling of working in the garden planting, spreading mulch around the bed. Mulch is wet wood, and this whiskey evokes a number of other woody flavours, new wood, the smell of a barn, sandalwood, and even a drinks cabinet, evoking wood along with wine. Then it is really spicy: sweet spicy, herbal spicy. Then it is like going into a Saddle shop. It finishes with bitter chocolate. A very, very good whiskey. We really liked this one.

  • nose

    • Strohdeckemulch
    • Neues Holznew wood
    • tanninhaltigtannic
    • Scheunebarn


    • Sattelseifesaddle soap
    • holzigwoody
    • Sandelholzsandalwood
    • Getränkeschrankdrinks cabinet
    • Toast mit Butterbuttered toast
    • Sattelsaddle


    • Bitterschokoladebitter chocolate
  • Ingredients

    • GersteBarley
    • gemälzte GersteMalted Barley

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