Who we are

The concept

We are the online shop of the Beavis.bar, Berlin’s Craft Spirits Tasting Bar in Berlin-Mitte, the go-to destination for Craft Spirits with over 1000 different spirits.

Here in the Beavis.shop you can order samples of our spirits and bottles for selected ones of them.

We specialise in American Craft Whiskey. Our collection of American Craft Whiskey is the largest of any bar or shop in Europe that we know of. We source products directly from producers and we have American Craft Whiskey here that you cannot find anyplace else in Europe.

Try before you buy!

You can order samples or full bottles. Whatever you spend on a sample is credited to the purchase of a bottle of that whiskey. So why not try some of these fantastic, high-quality Whiskey from America!

It’s a great way to discover this amazing and creative world of Craft Whiskey.  You can try our products either in the bar or by purchasing samples online here in the Beavis.shop.

A low-risk way to discover wonderful craft spirits.

Tastings & Events

We are constantly meeting with American Craft Whiskey producers and we import their products directly. In our online shop you can find rare and wonderful American Craft Whiskey that you cannot find anyplace else – except if you were to travel to the US.

We offer a program of tastings, and we can organise a private tasting for you and your friends. We organise events with distillers when they come to Berlin, both online and offline. Join the Beavis.club to participate, it’s free!

US Whiskey

The US has a long tradition of producing Whiskey.  Some of the big brands are world-famous.  But in recent years there has been an explosion of new producers who have rediscovered old techniques and are trying out new ones.  The US is a huge geographic area, with different terroirs and climates.  Each region has different traditions of Whiskey, from Mesquite-smoke whiskey in Arizona to Triticale-grain Whiskey in Oregon to traditional Rye Whiskey in Virginia.  The variety is enormous.

We source US Craft Whiskey directly from small distillers, and have assembled the largest collection of US Craft Whiskey we know of in all Europe.  Give it a try!